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English Speaking Course Lesson 1 Day 5

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English_Listen_Speak_Pronunciation1.10 Answer each question.

1.10a What is your name? (My name is ______________.)
1.10b Where do you live? (I live in [city] ______________.)
1.10c What is your address? (My address is ______________.)
1.10d What is your phone number? (My phone number is [area code] ______________.)
1.10e Where do you work? (I work at ______________.)
1.10f What kind of work do you do? (I’m a[n] ______________.)
1.10g What is your work phone number? (My work phone number is [area code] ______________.)
1.10h What is your license number? (My license number is ______________.)



a + a word beginning with
a =an ambulance
e =an emergency
i =an identification card
o =an office
u =an unknown child

a + a word beginning with all other letters
=a bus stop
=a car
=a father
=a man
=a wife
=a Phone

In the office: an office   a large office
At the emergency: an emergency   a medical emergency
With the ambulance: an ambulance   a licensed ambulance
The card: a card   an identification card
The number: a number   an insurance number
The day at work: a work day   an emergency work day


Days of the week
Sunday (Sun.) Thursday (Thurs.)
Monday (Mon.) Friday (Fri.)
Tuesday (Tues.) Saturday (Sat.)
Wednesday (Wed.)

Months of the year
January (Jan.) July (July)
February (Feb.) August (Aug.)
March (Mar.) September (Sept.)
April (Apr.) October (Oct.)
May (May) November (Nov.)
June (June) December (Dec.)

New Year’s Day (January 1) Labor Day (September)
Valentine’s Day (February 14) Thanksgiving (November)
Easter (March or April) Hanukkah (December)
Memorial Day (May) Christmas (December 25)
Independence Day (July 4)


Exercise 1.1 Vocabulary

a (an) it
afternoon lesson
are (to be) listen (to listen)
do (to do) little, littler, littlest
each live (to live)
English long, longer, longest
evening  (an) morning
example  my
excuse me  name
fine (good)  o’clock
good okay (OK)
good afternoon repeat (to repeat)
good evening sentence
good morning speak (to speak)
goodbye  thank you (thanks)
have (to have)  time
hello (hi) two
here what
how year
I yes
is (to be) you, your

Exercise 1.2 and 1.3 Vocabulary

address (an) kind
any, anything may
arm (an)  not
but of
call (to call) personal identification
can phone
child, children reach (to reach)
city see (to see)>
current, currently sick (to be sick)
driver’s license store
from thanks (thank you)
hi (hello) the
hurt (to hurt) this
I am, (to be) sick where
ID work (to work)

Lesson 1 Vocabulary

a (an) am (to be) area code (an)
address (an) ambulance (an) arm (an)
after and at
afternoon any, anything bathroom
alphabet are (to be) bus
bus stop fine (good) I
but fire I am (I’m) (to be)
by fire department ID
call (to call) for identification
can from in
car gas (gasoline) insurance
card gas station is (to be)
cash glad, gladly it
check good kind
child, children good afternoon large
city good evening lesson
close, closer, closest, closely good morning letter
closely goodbye license
cost groceries license (number)
credit card have (to have) listen (to listen)
current, currently health little, littler, littlest
day health card (number) live (to live)
dictionary hello (hi) long, longer, longest
do (to do) help (to help) may
does (to do) here me
driver’s license hi (hello) medical
each holiday month
emergency (an) hospital money
English how morning
evening (an) how much much
example hurt (to hurt) my
excuse me husband name
no, not thanks (thank you) to owe
number the to pay
o’clock there to question
of this to reach
office (an) time to repeat
okay (OK) to to say (saying)
open, openly to answer to see
out to be (am, is, are, was, were) to speak
personal identification to be closed to start
phone (number) (telephone) to be glad to stop

to take

please to be hurt to tell
police to be open to use
question to be out of to want
reach (to reach) to be sick to will
repeat (to repeat) to begin to work
right to call two
see (to see) to cost unknown
sentence to do vocabulary
should to find was (to be)
sick, sicker, sickest to go week
some, something to have were (to be)
speak (to speak) to help what
station to know when
stop (to stop) to listen where
store to live which
thank you (thanks) to open wife
will not (won’t) (to will) work (to work) you, your
with year
word yes

911 = The medical, fire and police emergency phone number for any city in the U.S.A

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