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English Speaking Course Lesson 1 Day 3

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English_Listen_Speak_Pronunciation1.4 Say your name after each sentence.

1.4a My name is ________________. (My name is ________________.)
1.4b Hello, my name is ________________. (Hello, my name is ________________.)
1.4c Hi, my name is ________________. (Hi, my name is ________________.)
1.4d I’m glad to know you. My name is ________________. (I’m glad to know you. My name is ________________.)

English_Listen_Speak_Pronunciation1.5 Repeat each number.

0 [zero]                 1 [one]                         2 [two]
3 [three]               4 [four]                        5 [five]
6 [six]                    7 [seven]                     8 [eight]
9 [nine]                 10 [ten]                       11 [eleven]
12 [twelve]            13 [thirteen]              14 [fourteen]
15 [fifteen]           16 [sixteen]                 17 [seventeen]
18 [eighteen]       19 [nineteen]              20 [twenty]
30 [thirty]           40 [forty]                      50 [fifty]
60 [sixty]             70 [seventy]                 80 [eighty]
90 [ninety]          100 [one hundred]     1,000 [one thousand]

English_Listen_Speak_Pronunciation1.6 Repeat each sentence.

1.6a Is this an emergency? (Is this an emergency?)
1.6b This is an emergency. (This is an emergency.) / This is not an emergency. (This is not an emergency.)
1.6c This is a medical emergency. (This is a medical emergency.) / This is not a medical emergency. (This is not a medical emergency.)
1.6d Please call 911. (Please call 911.) / Call the police. (Call the police.) / Call an ambulance. (Call an ambulance.) / Call the fire department. (Call the fire department.)
1.6e Please help me. (Please help me.) / Help me. (Help me.) / Help. (Help.)
1.6f I am hurt. (I am hurt.) / I’m hurt. (I’m hurt.) / I’m not hurt. (I’m not hurt.)
1.6g My car will not start. (My car will not start.) / My car won’t start. (My car won’t start.) / My car is out of gas. (My car is out of gas.) / Where is the closest gas station? (Where is the closest gas station?)
1.6h What is your license number? (What is your license number?)
1.6i My child is sick. (My child is sick.) / My arm is hurt. (My arm is hurt.) / My wife is sick. (My wife is sick.) / My husband is hurt. (My husband is hurt.)
1.6j Which hospital do you want to go to? (What hospital do you want to go to?)
1.6k Do you have insurance? (Do you have insurance?) / What is your health card number? (What is your health card number?)
1.6l How do you want to pay? (How do you want to pay?) / Will you pay with cash? (Will you pay with cash?) / Will you pay by check? (Will you pay by check?) / Will you pay with a credit card? (Will you pay with a credit card?)
1.6m How much will this cost? (How much will this cost?) / I do not have that much money. (I do not have that much money.)
1.6n Which bus do I take? (Which bus do I take?) / Is this the right bus stop? (Is this the right bus stop?) / Where is the closest bus stop? (Where is the closest bus stop?)
1.6o Where can I find? (Where can I find?) / You will find it there. (You will find it there.)
1.6p Is the office open? (Is the office open?) / No, the office is closed. (No, the office is closed.) / When will the office open? (When will the office open?) / It will open at 8:30. (It will open at 8:30.)

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