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to get out of/to get off

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Definition and meaning for “to get out of/get off”:-
to get in/to get on  = to leave or to descend from a vehicle.

We should be usedescape “To get out of” for cars as well as to get off for all other forms of transportation.

Remember this example for “to get out of/to get off”:-
For cars:-to get out of
Why don’t we stop and get out of the car for a while?
For other transportation:-to get out off
Anushka got off the train at the 42nd Street terminal.

Synonyms for “to get out of/to get off”:-
• alight
• blow
• disembark
• escape
• exit
• pull out
• quit
• descend
• dismount
• go
• go away
• leave
• light
• retire
• withdraw

Antonyms for “to get out of/get off”:-
• arrive
• come
• come in
• continue
• persevere
• remain

image of get out of/get off

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